We have been managing and harvesting wood products from our forest land in Western Oregon and California for over three decades. We produce wood products through practicing sustainable management and restoration forestry. Our passion is in providing quality wood products, while protecting and enhancing forest ecosystems.

Our Oregon forests have an over abundant supply of manzanita. Because of decades of wildfire suppression, manzanita has been allowed to grow so thick that it has become overcrowded. Not only is this an unhealthy condition for the manzanita, it also chokes out many of the other native forest trees, and creates a huge catastrophic wildfire hazard.

Fortunately, manzanita wood and branches can be made into many valuable products. Harvesting and providing quality manzanita products helps to cover the cost of thinning the forests to a more natural and healthy equilibrium.

This company, Manzanita Branch, was created to sell the products that are harvested from thinning these dense manzanita stands.

One of our main products is our decorative manzanita branches. These branches are prized by many decorators and are especially popular for wedding decorations. We take great care in carefully harvesting and trimming our branches to preserve and enhance their natural beauty. We have shipped these branches as far away as Europe.

Our manzanita wood is commonly made into pet supplies. Bird owners love our manzanita perches and playstands. Not only is manzanita wood great for birds, it’s also great for fish and reptiles. Manzanita can be an ideal decorative wood and create habitat for aquariums.

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