Wholesale Manzanita Branches

We can supply wholesale manzanita branches, and manzanita wood in large quantities. We have the facilities to provide truck load quantities as well as container shipments for overseas export.

The Manzanita Opportunity

Manzanita only grows on the West Coast of the US and Mexico, but is in demand in many parts of the world. Because of its large bulky nature, it can be expensive to ship overseas or even across the country. Much of the demand for manzanita branches in the US is on the East Coast. Partly because this is where the bulk of the population is. We can and do ship in small quantities across the country, but often the shipping costs more than the materials.

We get contacted all the time by consumers wanting just one or a few manzanita branches from the East Coast and in other countries, but many are discouraged by the high cost of shipping. One of the more economical ways to ship manzanita long distances is by the truck load. Either a commercial truck, shipping container, or even a smaller rental truck. This opens up an opportunity for shops and businesses, especially in populous areas, to buy wholesale in quantity to provide manzanita to local customers and regionally.