Manzanita Plants

Where to Get Manzanita Plants

Manzanita PlantsI often have people ask me where to get live manzanita plants. Sometimes people even mistake the decorative manzanita branches that we sell as live plants. I sometimes get asked how to plant them, but these are dead wood and will not grow. We do not sell live plants or any part of the plant that will grow. It is all dead wood.

If you want to buy live plants, I would check with native plant nurseries in the states that you live in, if you are in an area where manzanita grows. An example would be to do a search for “California native plant nursery”. If you are not in California, Oregon, Nevada or Arizona, and the West Coast states where it grows, they may be difficult to find in your area, if they are even available.

You may find a nursery that will ship them, but there is a question of how well they will grow outside of their native climate. Manzanita grows in areas with typically cool wet winters, and hot dry summers. Areas east of the Rockies with humid and wetter summers may be problematic for trying to get manzanita to grow. If anyone has ever had success growing manzanita East of the Rockies, please post a comment about it below.


2 thoughts on “Where to Get Manzanita Plants”

  1. Are there any small plants for shipping to Australia?
    They should grow quite well in the Sydney area.
    However these plants would have to be able to pass Australian Customs&Immigration regulations and procedures.

    1. We don’t sell live plants. I would be hesitant to bringing in a new plant into a country, especially in a place where they would do well, as this is how invasive species get started.

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